September 30, 2020

Everything you need to know about building muscles

Everything you need to know about building muscles

Gaining muscles is often challenging to most of us, especially those who have failed to achieve their muscle goals a couple of times. This is because contrary to popular beliefs, gaining muscles is a continuous process that requires discipline and a high level of consistency. Tired of lifting weights over and over without any changes to your muscle mass? These 6 tips should help you overcome your fears and set you on your way to bigger, healthier muscles.

1. Focus on your diet

Most people assume that diet is not as important as lifting weights when it comes to building muscles. This assumption is often the beginning of failure! Most health and fitness magazines and companies in America advocate for a personalized diet when attempting to build muscles. The need for a personalized diet is simple-it helps you focus on your body`s specific weaknesses while helping the muscles recover after an intense workout. Your diet should include proteins for building the destroyed muscles and the necessary amount of calories to keep your energy levels high at all times.

2. Set a meal plan and break it down

Focusing on what to eat is never enough when it comes to building muscles. Building that desired muscle definition requires proper meal planning such that you are aware of what your body needs both when working out and while resting. What you eat before and after your workouts is as important as lifting the heaviest of weights in your local gym! Most gyms in America and Europe have integrated feeding programs at the gym, meaning your instructor will help advise you on what to take before and after workouts to stimulate relevant muscle growth. For instance, a banana and Greek yogurt will help you acquire the necessary potassium, carbohydrate and protein levels before hitting the workout. Also, consider oats before starting your workout as they are a great source of energy especially when working out.

3. Plan for your weight lifting schedule

Going for workouts without a plan is like going to war without the necessary workouts. A popular trend in almost all of America`s fitness centers is weight lifting schedules. The lifting schedules help you to isolate the large muscle groups from the small ones and plan on exercises that will enhance balanced muscle growth. Long gone are the days of working out the upper torso and neglecting the lower body. To get that evenly ripped and muscular body, you must isolate all your muscles and consequently stimulate muscle growth by working out specific muscle groups consistently.

4. Rest!

I can`t quite find the best way to emphasize the importance of rest for muscle growth! Think of muscle building this way; every day you go to the gym and lift the weights, your muscles tear. Gaining muscles is the process of allowing the muscles to heal, and then tearing them again! In fact, America`s greatest bodybuilder and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that the secret to his unbelievable muscle gains was sneaking some extra time for rest. Put simply, adequate rest enables your muscles to recover faster and in a healthy manner. Not getting enough rest is denying yourself muscle growth and straining your muscles which may lead to injuries.

5. Find a training partner or consult your trainer regularly

All certified trainers in America must pass all their fitness qualification examinations. This means that your instructor is your best shot at improving in the gym, whether you are a beginner or an experienced lifter. As you will come to notice once you’ve been consistent in your workouts, developing muscles becomes harder the more experienced you become in training. This means you will be required to perform perfect repetitions and execute near perfect training techniques for your muscles to develop any further. Having a gym partner makes the journey less challenging and more enjoyable; however, due to time and other factors, having a gym partner can be difficult. This leaves you with the option of consulting the trainer. Do not feel too buff or too inexperienced to seek advice from training professionals as they are there to serve you!

6. Consistency

Rome was not built in a day and neither will your muscles. Understand that it takes time for your muscles to recover and that you will need to stay patient and remain focused on your goals before you start seeing results. Most people fail in their fitness journey because they expect it to be easy and without challenges. Be prepared for setbacks and remain focused on your goals. Most importantly, observing all your eating and training schedules is the surest way of ensuring you achieve the desired muscle growth

The above tips are essential when it comes to building and maintaining muscles. Following all the tips will ensure you finally see the changes in muscle mass that you’ve wanted for so long.


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