September 30, 2020

Healthy Breakfast: The Foods You Need To Include In Your Morning Diet

Healthy Breakfast: The Foods You Need To Include In Your Morning Diet

Making a light healthy breakfast part of your daily diet is a sure way to accelerate weight loss, boost brainpower and give you the strength to take you through the day. That said, what constitutes a healthy breakfast in America – the region with arguably the most diverse spectrum of options – has remained subject to discussion for decades. It is said that some of the popular breakfast fixings in bacon, cereal, orange juice and eggs owe their approval to smart advertisement campaigns of the early 19th century in North America which lulled the public into believing that they were the perfect ingredients for a healthy breakfast. Erasing the hereditary notion might take years – especially since no major lifestyle disease has been associated directly with what is blindly considered healthy breakfast in America – but then again science is proving that “healthy breakfast” may actually be a befitting title for most of these foods America can’t divest itself of. Below is a healthy breakfast foods checklist, according to nutritionists, each food accompanied by a superficial assessment of all the nutritional benefits it carries.


Rich in vitamins and minerals and low in calories, berries are becoming a common healthy breakfast food among health-conscious individuals in America. They have been shown to help keep at bay such lifestyle diseases as cancer and heart complications, thanks to their phytonutrient and antioxidant abundance, and boost general body immunity over time.


Oatmeal is an early morning darling in America but, surprisingly, not due to its rich nutritional composition and instead its ease of preparation and wholesomeness. What you could be taking in obliviously, as an oatmeal aficionado, is plenty of soluble fiber – a vital component of a healthy breakfast meal in America – and enough antioxidants to last you a day.


How eggs came to be such a key healthy breakfast ingredient in America might not be traceable but how they still are is clearly plausible. Eggs will not only keep you full all morning long but also nourish your body with protein and significant amounts of a dozen other nutrients. Cholesterol level might be a valid concern – especially in America where heart disease is highly prevalent – but that has been shrugged off by nutritionists in Europe and America who think keeping saturated fat low and increasing fiber intake should be a better approach to preventing cholesterol build up in the body than depriving oneself of a healthy breakfast by avoiding eggs.

Cold Cereal

While cold cereal’s high sugar level has had it defamed in the recent past, it remains one of the most popular healthy breakfast options in America thanks to its fiber content and vitamin abundance. You only need to study the blurb before purchase for at least 3 grams of fiber and at most 6 grams of sugar.

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in catechins (a type of antioxidants that has been shown to bar rapid cell damage in the body) and for that mere reason makes into our healthy breakfast list. It is recommended that green tea for a healthy breakfast should be steamed for five minutes at most to release the antioxidants. Albeit not so common in America, green tea continues to receive the approval of nutritionists as a healthy breakfast option for caffeine buffs.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter gains its place in the healthy breakfast table thanks to a high protein content and monounsaturated fat, which studies have shown to lower the level of bad cholesterol in blood vessels. It offers another healthy breakfast basic in keeping one satisfied without feeling stuffed and serves as a healthy substitute for margarine.


Ancient America is known for its biased inclination for dairy products for breakfast, and yogurt seems to have survived the multiple transitions through the years to retain its place on the dining table. Rich in bone-building calcium and protein, the multiple-flavor chow makes for a go-to healthy breakfast option for the whole family.

Simple Baked Apples

This is a standard healthy breakfast in America, and the reason why is there for everyone to see. Apples are rich in antioxidants and fiber and their hallmark crunchiness is simply irresistible. It’s obvious that you can have them raw and still call that a healthy breakfast but baking them gives you the chance to perk it up with nuts, spices, raisins etc. for an improved taste and variety.


The above healthy breakfast list is a confirmation that some common foods in America are actually not as ugly as they are painted. It shows that you don’t have to forfeit partialities for value to enjoy your breakfast, and that you don’t have to be different from the rest of America to adhere to recommended health standards. Simply pay attention to the blurb before tossing anything into your shopping basket and try to incorporate as many of the above products as you can into your weekly diet.


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