September 30, 2020

The 5 Best Tricep Workouts You Can Do Now

The 5 Best Tricep Workouts You Can Do Now

Are you currently looking to add some serious mass for your triceps? Though America can’t seem to get enough of its more popular roommate (the biceps), tricep workouts are just as important. You may have already done some multiple tricep workouts, thinking they’d help, but it turned out ineffective.

America values bodybuilding as much as the next country does. If you want effective tricep workouts, then you won’t have to look further. Here are the 5 top tricep workouts you can do now to gain an American-sized serious tricep muscles:

1. Dips

The best tricep workouts involve you making almost exclusive use of your arms to lift your whole bodyweight. For this, dips are one of the most effective tricep workouts you can find, whether you’re living in America or not. Because you’re constantly under a heavier load than other tricep workouts, you get a much more efficient workout than simply doing other exercises that involve the arms.

Like most excellent tricep workouts, you can start the dip by going on up a parallel bar in a perpendicular position with the floor. Maintain the stance all throughout the exercise. You can also add to the intensity by leaning slightly forward. Cross the ankles, and bend the knees. Use your arms to lower your body until the shoulders are just below the elbow position. Now, push back until the elbows are almost straight.

2. Rope Triceps Pressdown

Some tricep workouts involve skillfully training more than one muscle, but if you do one thing wrong then the whole exercise can prove to be ineffective. American trainers cite the rope triceps pressdown, for example. Too much weight here can lead you to use your shoulder and back muscles. So to gain the benefits of most tricep workouts, you’ll need to assume the correct stance each and everytime.

Install a rope handle on a cable station with a high pulley. Bend your arms, then grab the bar using the overhand grip. Push the bar downwards without moving the upper arms until the elbows lock. Slowly return to start for a complete rep. It’s one of the easiest tricep workouts you can do to get that much-needed tricep mass.

3. Kettlebell Floor Press

How about doing some tricep workouts using a kettlebell? It’s possible. America has proven that the kettlebell does have some excellent benefits, including utilizing them for tricep workouts. Here’s how you do it:

Hold the kettlebell on each hand, then just lie back on the floor. Hold the kettlebells in an overhead position, with the kettlebell just outside the wrists at the end position. Bend the arms back to a lower stance. Position the elbows to touch the floor. Pause for a moment, then bring them back up. A kettlebell floor press will prove to be one of the quickest tricep workouts you can accomplish.

4. Foam Roller Press

What are the best tricep workouts that will produce massive shotguns instead of just pistols? Do the foam roller press for a good old American training. The lockout is achieved when you lower the bar to just the top position on a foam roller. This position limits your motion by half. Pressing from this tricep-burning position ensures you get optimal tricep workouts each and everytime.

America’s trainers swear by the foam roller press. They say that the “lockout” position is where you’d like to do your tricep workouts if you want to see good changes. You can use this exercise as a prerequisite for the classic American bench press. You’ll notice a minimal strain on the shoulders.

5. Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extensions

What could be better than dips when talking about great tricep workouts you can do in America? Dumbbell lying triceps extensions are good contenders. It’s one of those tricep workouts that focus in on the tricep muscles, which is what you’ll need to build up those triceps into feared guns.

Tricep workouts such as these will need to be done with high intensity. America’s most notable bodybuilders say if they wish to focus in on the triceps, then the dumbbell lying triceps extensions would certainly be among the list. Furthermore, research proves how the “pump” actually helps in tricep workouts by speeding up tricep muscle growth and post-exercise muscle repair. 

Lie face up on the floor while holding a dumbbell with each hand. Hold the dumbbell in a straight position in over your head with the palms facing one another. Bend your elbows and lower the dumbbells. Pause for a short while, then do the instructions mentioned above.


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