December 01, 2020

What Are The Best Shoulder Workouts For You?

What Are The Best Shoulder Workouts For You?

A great shoulder which is perfectly in shape looks very attractive, be it for women or men. Perfectly shaped shoulders can attract a lot of eyes and attention. To get such a great shoulder, you need to do some shoulder workouts. This will help you to get your shoulders into shape and also tone them up for an attractive look. The shoulder are the most used muscle in the upper part of your body. Most of the functions that we perform in the day to day life, shoulder has a very important role in all those. Since they are important, you also have to make sure that they are well maintained and balanced by some shoulder workouts. So, you have to add some important shoulder workouts in your exercise regime to keep your back and shoulder perfect. Some shoulder workouts can also increase the strength of the shoulder which is really great in maintaining a good posture.

Shoulder workouts can be done with dumbbells as well as barbells and also without them. We will show you some shoulder workouts that you can perform in all these 3 ways. Some of the shoulder workouts that you can do are:

#1: Seated Side Lateral Raise Shoulder Workouts

This is one of the most important shoulder workouts that can be performed by both women and men. Even the beginners can try this exercise. It is very simple and easy. You have to select two dumbbells of same weight for this set of shoulder workouts. The weights may vary depending on your gender, strength and experience. If you are a beginner, it is better to choose lighter weights. Now, sit at the end of the flat bench. Keep your feet firmly on the floor and hands straight down at your sides holding the dumbbells. Now, you have to lift the dumbbells up to your side by bending your elbows slightly. Lift it till your arms are parallel to the floor. When you lift inhale and when you bring the arms back exhale. In the middle pause for 5 seconds at the top. Repeat these shoulder workouts 15 times.


#2: Barbell Shoulder Press

This is another great exercise that you should do with other shoulder workouts. The barbell shoulder press can be done by sitting on a bench with your back supported in a squat rack. Now position the barbell at a height which is just above the head. Grip the barbell firmly with the palms facing forward. Now for this shoulder workouts, lift the barbell up over the head and hold at the level of your shoulder. It has to be positioned slightly in front of the head. This is the starting position of this exercise. Gradually, lower the bar down to your shoulders while you inhale slowly. Again, lift the barbell back to the starting position while you are exhaling. Repeat the shoulder workouts for 15 times for the beginners.


#3: Push Up Shoulder Workouts

Among all the shoulder workouts, this is one such workout that need no equipment. You can do it without dumbbells. You have to lie down on the floor facing downwards and place your hands 36 inches apart from each other. Hold the torso up at the length of your arms for the shoulder workouts. Now, lower yourself downward till your chest almost touches the ground. You have to go downward while you inhale and press your body up again while your breath out. It requires a lot of strength and if you are a beginner then you need to practice it to do it in right way. This is one of the best shoulder workouts that can help you to get a toned and strong shoulder.


#4: Front Dumbbell Raise Shoulder Workouts

All the shoulder workouts are quite interesting and this one is quite fun to do. Pick up two dumbbells of same weight and stand straight. You have to keep your dumbbells in front of your thighs with your arms straight and the palm facing the thigh while performing the shoulder workouts. This is your starting position. Now, lift your left dumbbell up till the arm is parallel to the ground. Hold for 3 seconds and then bring it back to the starting position again. Now, repeat the same with the left dumbbell. Inhale while you lift and then pause for 3 second when you hold and then exhale while returning back to starting position. Repeat this set of shoulder workouts this 20 times (10 times for each arm).


So, these are the top 4 shoulder workouts that you need to do every day to ensure that your shoulder are getting into shape. A great shoulder makes your structure look sexier. If you want that athletic body with sexy shoulder, do this shoulder workouts every day at home or gym. You will definitely get a significant result from these shoulder workouts.


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